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 The company business at present time.

For six years already, all the regions of Russian Federation, over 60 cities are fully provided by high-quality, high-technological products from ST.-MEDIFARM Company. About 70 positions of products, over 40 species of herbs are delivered permanently all over the territory of Russia. The assortment of products includes herbs in packs, filter bags, therapeutical mixtures and teas. The excellent design of package and recognizable products of ST.-MEDIFARM in the pharmacy counters enables to compete with other firms. Large and small packages of herbs enable the purchasers to make their decisions with respect to price and quality of products. The Company carries out work to design and introduce new kinds of products. In design of products, registration, quality control, the invaluable assistance is provided by the leading specialists in the field of pharmacology and pharmacognosy from the industrial academies of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Pyatigorsk. The proper quality of products from ST.-MEDIFARM Company is provided with the control at all the stages of production and high level of requirements specified in the regulatory documentation used for manufacture of these products.

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