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 How everything began more than twelve

At that time, when most drugs were in deficit and few imported drugs were very expensive, the acute problem arose how to provide people with more available but not less effective drugs.
Drugs produced from herbs are widely applied to medical practice and take an important part in drug therapy. The actuality of applied drugs and phytopreparations increased strongly in the recent time, especially in connection with the growth of toxicoallcrgic diseases related to increasing consumption of drugs of chemical nature. These phytopreparations make about 40 per cent in the nomenclature of drugs produced in our country. The advanrage of herbs and related drugs is their low toxicity and opportunity of application without the risk of arising side effects.
At that moment, there was virtually the sole enterprise producing drugs from herbs in Russian Federation. But the production capacity of the given enterprise was insufficient to provide people with this kind of drugs all over the territory of Russian Federation. In 1990, the resolution was adopted in Stavropol Territory to create the factory for production of drug from herbs for whole Northern Caucasian Region; the number of founders of this factory included Stavropol Territorial Ministry of Public Health, Stavropol Pharmacy State Enterprise, and other legal entities and individuals.

For five years, the people of the said and neighbouring regions were provided with high-quality and inexpensive medical preparations based on herbs.

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